Iaikai  - Traditional Japanese Swordsmanship

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Welcome to Iaikai Dojo.  We practice iaido (traditional swordsmanship) and jodo (traditional stick-fighting).



Traditional swordsmanship, whether called iaido or iaijutsu, is descended from the fighting arts of the samurai, who ruled Japan from 1603-1868. Sword fighting techniques evolved as a means of personal combat rather than for use on the battlefield, and flourished from the end of the 16th century.  Join us as we study this living art.


We practice Shinto Muso Ryu,  Jodo dates back to the mid-Edo Period, featuring the use of a 128cm wooden stick used as defense against a sword.  Jodo techniques are always done with a partner, improving timing and strength.

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Classes are ongoing and open to all levels!
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For information on the above class, please contact us at dojo@iaikai.com.
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Dojo News

Come join us at the 2017 Roosevelt Island Cherry Blossom Festival!
April 29 (Demo starts at 2:00pm)



Manhattan  Tues @ 6:30pm
131 W 72nd St, New York, NY 10023, USA


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