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Elements of Seme

Many martial artists have heard of the concept of seme (攻め).  While the application of the concept varies depending on the type of budo under discussion, the term itself means an attack; or, alternatively, to point to the idea of taking the initiative in an encounter.  Some posts I have read on line consider seme to be perception - a 
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So you wanna cross-train?

Previously,  two posts considered cross-training in other budo.  The first set out the benefits as a means to deepen understanding of your primary art.  The subsequent post looked at another side of the issue - that some martial arts teachers might forbid their students to seek training at another dojo.  That post also suggested that students caught up in such 
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In Memoriam - Kaminoda Tsunemori

I first met Kaminoda Sensei in 1996, when I attended the first Jodo seminar that he held in the United States.  To my surprise, my teacher, Otani Sensei, when he heard about my plans, said: "You go speak to him.  Tell him I said yoroshiku!"  I knew better than to disregard orders, so they were duly carried out.  Kaminoda Sensei 
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